The fifth Polish Patent for Stem Cells Spin

2013-12-12 20:22:01

Stem Cells Spin Company received fifth Polish patent. It has been granted for the invention of the " Cell homogenate from stem cells derived from growing deer antlers, a method of obtaining it and its use".

The company previously was in possession of four polish patents granted by the Polish Patent Office (No. 211680, 209210, 211674 and 390272), a patent in the United States (U.S. 20100184217), Australia (No. 2007352480), the two patents in New Zealand (No. 581109 , No. 601400), Korea (No. 10-1178153), China (No. 200780053496.7) and Europe. These patents protect how to output the stem cell lines MIC-1, the culture method of stem cells derived from deer antlers, stem cell line and its use. The latest national patent for the invention relates to a homogenate of stem cells derived from growing antlers of deer and protects the way of its preparation and their application.

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