The Tenth foreign patent for Stem Cells Spin!

2014-09-01 14:18:28

Stem Cells Spin Company received another foreign patent. Intellectual Property Office in US patented a "cell homogenate from stem cells derived from growing deer antlers, a methode of obtaining it and its use". This is the second patent obtained by the Company in this country.

The company previously was in possession of five polish patents granted by the Polish Patent Office (No. 211680, 209210, 211674, 217151,216716), a patent in the United States (U.S. 20100184217), Australia (No. 2007352480), Europe (No. 07851999,8), New Zealand (No. 581109 , No. 601400), Korea (No. 10-1178153), China (No. 200780053496.7, No. 201180011547,6) and Hong Kong (No. HK1147218). These patents protect how to output the stem cell lines MIC-1, the culture method of stem cells derived from deer antlers, stem cell line and its use. The latest national patent for the invention relates to a homogenate of stem cells derived from growing antlers of deer and protects the way of its preparation and their application.

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