Eleventh foreing patent for Stem Cells Spin S.A.!

2014-11-13 12:20:21

Stem Cells Spin SA company received eleventh foreign patent. Patent Office of Canada has decided to grant a patent for an invention "New stem cell lines, their application and culture methods" in Canada.

Patents protection is the Company one of the key elements of the business. Another patent brings the Company to implement the strategy for the commercialization of the company's invention - stem cells MIC-1, which after entering on the market in 2012 dermocosmetics product  and the veterinary care product, involves the introduction of new products to medical market (human and veterinary).

Opportunities associated with the commercialization of the invention also recognized the National Centre for Research and Development, which in December 2013 signed an agreement with the company regarding the implementation and financing of the project titled. "Developing prototypes of medical devices based on materials received from growing deer antler." The aim of the project is to create a line demo manufacture of medical devices based on homogenates stem cells derived from growing deer antler.

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