Revitacell Brand

Revitacell is among world's first skincare products to offer biodermocosmetcs based on the incredible biotechnological discovery of their proven effectivnes in scientific studies.

Revitacell biodermocosmetcs deliver powerful efects in the form of  unique, innovatve and natural skin revitalizaton, which is the hallmark of the Revitacell philosophy.  Designed in the Revitacell biotechnological laboratory,  NHAC Biocervin MIC-1 - the innovatve raw material obtained from a breakthrough in skincare science - has resulted in a unique biodermocosmetcs line comprising the patented MIC-1 stem cells.

Revitacell has been shown to effectively:

  • delay the aging process of the epidermal cells (keratnocytes) and dermal cells (fbroblasts),
  • improve skin frmness and reduces wrinkles through actvatng the fbroblasts to produce collagen and other proteins, which make the natural skin scaffold,
  • provide an impulse for quick, efectve and natural self-regeneration.

Revitacell Stem Cells Product Line:

  • Face Therapy,
  • Hair Therapy,
  • Eyelashes Therapy,
  • Regenerating Cream-Serum DAY,
  • Regenerating & Nourishing Cream-Serum NIGHT,
  • Eye Zone Regenerating Concentrate,
  • Regenerating Face Balm For Men,
  • Bust Set (Peeling and Serum),
  • Hand Set (Scrub and Mask),
  • Face Set (Scrub and Mask),
  • Regenerating MIC-1 mesotherapy,
  • Anti-aging MIC-1 mesotherapy.
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