Velvetyna Brand

Velvetyna - veterinary care products

VELVETYNA is an innovative series of veterinary care products for horses and companion animals, based on PRS MIC-1.

Unique PRS MIC-1 (Protein-rich solution MIC-1) is natural cosmetic ingredient developed by Stem Cells Spin S.A. allow in accessible manner use regenerative potential of MIC-1 stem cells enclosed in Velvetyna series.

Velvetyna is the only line of veterinary care products which composition stands out from the rest of products available on market. Velvetyna uses the results of the several-year long research on the sensational regenerative properties of MIC-1 Stem Cells. Effective, safe and natural - those are the main attributes Velvetyny, an innovative series of veterinary care products.

Velvetyna line:

  • regenerating care balm,
  • antibacterial regenerating ointment,
  • regenerating and warming rub ointment.


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